Student Government Association Update

Welcome back to CU Denver, Lynx! We at SGA are excited to get our 2016-2017 year started with you all—students new and returning.

 As your President and Vice President of CU Denver’s SGA, we are pleased to kick off the new year by introducing our plan of attack for student government and student representation. Thank you for the honor of being able to serve our student body and university.

 First, our office is located in Tivoli #301 and if any students are interested in SGA please come on by. There are plenty of friendly faces available for conversation and direction toward getting involved on Auraria Campus. We hope to see students are all around be involved in student orgs as well as our CU Denver-specific student life. By going through students are able to find what they want out of their campus, and discover different ways to get involved.

 We plan to do many things with our administration this year, which will include the likes of more awareness and unity between SGA and CU Denver. We will be focusing on three main initiatives: to continue the communication regarding veteran affairs, DACA and first generation students, and issues relevant to our homeless student population.

 In the past there has been little to no communication between the under-represented populations, and our goals center on fixing that. We want to take initiatives and start conversations and, by doing so, hopefully educate our student body.

 In addition to these initiatives, bringing a non-traditional and multicultural form of Greek Life to CU Denver has been in the works for a couple years now, and we plan to garner student interest through surveys and present our findings and action plan to the university’s Chancellor and Provost.

 Another big change that has already gone into effect is our parking. Many of you may have noticed it has increased by 25 cents since the spring semester concluded. During last year’s administration our SGA advocated for our students against the increase. Originally our parking was going to increase by 50 cents. Due to a budget deficit the increase was needed, but due to transparency issues students were not okay with the blind-sidedness of the increase. More information on this development will follow.

 Good luck as the semester begins and classes start once again. Do your best to get involved, stay on top of your studies, and pick up a copy of the CU Denver Sentry as often as you can.


-Alex Pongphachanxay
SGA president

Akshay Kumar
SGA vice president

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