Presidental election most controversial yet

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    Lately, the US has been through some turbulent times. From several mass shootings to safety issues and conversations about gun laws, a majority of Americans have begun fearing for their lives. 

    The 2016 presidential election has helped compound and fuel this fear. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump are both vying for their seat in the Oval Office, and the result has been troubling for both sides of the political spectrum.

    “There’s never been a presidential election where both of the major party candidates are so highly unpopular,” Political Science professor Dr. Michael Cummings said. “This will arguably be the most negative campaign seen in recent history.”

   Clinton and Trump, who couldn’t be any more different, have an unusual history together. Though they are bickering and bashing each other on stage now, the two were once friends. And, on their social media accounts, The Clintons even attended Donald Trump’s wedding to Melania Knavs, his current wife.

   The two candidates share some similarities, such as their strong stance on ISIS and other terrorists groups. “Anybody who runs for President of the United States is ambitious, hardworking, and committed to becoming the most powerful individual in the world,” Cummings said. “That will always be the similarity.”

   Clinton has a long history in politics. She has served as First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, senator of New York, and Secretary of State. Clinton continues to fight for women and children’s rights, environmental protection, and other liberal rights.

   Trump is a billionaire businessman, having built several hotels and golf courses around the world. He also had a popular television show, titled “The Apprentice,” though it was later cancelled in June 2015 by NBC, due to Trump’s racial derogatory statements. Although Trump has no political  background, he has had a greater effect on Americans than any other potential Republican candidate running this year.

   “Trump has this strong personality. It’s his attitude, his anger that they relate to,” Cummings said. “Many positions that he takes are not at all consistent with the traditional positions of the Republican party.”

   In her campaign, Clinton has promised to create more jobs, expand on Obamacare, and defeat ISIS. Trump has promised to build a wall, temporarily ban Muslims from “terrorist” countries from entering the US, and decrease taxes.

    During his campaign, Trump has coined some popular phrases, like “Make America Great Again” and “lock her up,” referring to Clinton’s leaked emails and alleged crimes, none of which have been conclusively proven. With his misdemeanor and critical stances on certain issues and groups of people, Trump has become highly controversial.

   “I’ve followed the presidential campaigns since 1950, and I can’t remember a campaign with name-calling,” Cummings said. “The strongest points the Republicans have is fear. This election is revealing deep concerns that Americans have about their lives, our society, and our system of government.”

  “As dismal as things seem, we need to come together,” Cummings said. “We, collectively, have the best chance to make things better.”

  The two candidates have their faults and flaws, but no matter who wins, this election will be the most historic yet.

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