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From the Editor: Savannah Nelson



   Sometimes summertime ain’t so fine. Honestly, there are times that the sunny season, which we expect to be full of adventure and relaxation and rejuvenation, surprises us with responsibilities and stress and soul-sucking things. I’m finding Fall 2016 to be the breath of fresh air I’d been expecting in June.

 As with many college students who come home for the summer, I found myself a temporary job. When I landed a full-time housekeeping position for a local homeowner’s association, which offered a whopping $14 an hour, I thought I’d struck gold. My travel time was paid for, my gas was compensated, and my weekends were free. It seemed to be summer job perfection.

 This was not the case. It only took three days of working at my new job to realize that cleaning for wealthy homeowners—often, these homes were their fourth or fifth, only used a few weeks out of the year—was not the right fit for me.

 In the past three months I have scoured countless toilets, ironed sheets right on beds, and cleaned still-hot ashes from fireplaces. Those were the good times. The rest was filled with demeaning insults, ridiculous demands, and inappropriate interactions between “the help” and those that controlled my every move from 8-4 every day.

 At the risk of sounding whiny and unappreciative, my summer was also filled with some of the best things: time spent with my parents, cuddles with my dogs, perfectly crafted margaritas, Game of Thrones with my partner, and the beauty of the Gunnison Valley made the past few months sweeter. However, even the perfect combination of salt and lime couldn’t repair all of the damage of the working season.

 Now my time in my hometown has come to a close. There’s a bittersweetness knowing that this was most likely my last summer living with my parents, and it was filled with dread for each morning. Honestly, summer is over, and it’s time to move on, to bigger and better things.

 I’ll be spending this school year serving as Editor in Chief for this wonderful newspaper—in a position where I belong, that I love. I’m looking forward to the opportunity, and sharing the best of the Sentry with CU Denver.

Savannah Nelson
Savannah Nelson

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