Conscious (Capitol Records)

New Zealand duo Broods wants listeners to know they are no longer another moody electro band with their sophomore album Conscious. Following the imminent success of the group’s first album, Evergreen, Broods encompasses what it means to create a comeback. It’s more than creating an album with the same overused sounds from before, it’s about taking calculated creative risks.

 Produced by Joel Little who has produced major hits for artist such as Lorde, Ellie Goulding, and Sam Smith, Broods gets a major boost in their pop-friendly production. However, they sacrifice their genuine lyrical and melodic roots for  a sound that’s similar to any other stale love ballad on today’s radio.                                                

With a little help from Lorde herself, one of the prominent feel-good tracks, “Heartlines,” sets an upbeat tone for the entire album. Although the melodies don’t test lead singer Georgia Notts’ vocal ability, the use of atmospheric synth and percussion elements cover in making the album edgy and electric, but the use of archaic pop songwriting leaves the album feeling recycled.

Growing as an artist might be the biggest objective for many, but not all risks produce great outcomes. Even though Conscious doesn’t provide the same slow and nostalgic mystery that their first album produced, their new album is more destined for radio rotation.

Perhaps graduating from Taylor Swift’s 1989 is a good thing, but Conscious becomes another clichéd album featuring an abundance of overdone love-themed tracks.

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