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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Bouldering Club Flexes Fun Muscles

ROCK WALL WORKOUT IS UNTETHERED A visit to the Denver Bouldering Club inspires one of the best workouts offered locally, but that is not the only reason to go. Bouldering is a type of rock climbing but, unlike traditional rock climbing, no ropes or harnesses

12th Annual Latin@ Leadership Summit

CONFERENCE HELD ON ACTIVIST CESAR CHAVEZ’S BIRTHDAY This year’s Latin@Leadership Summit was an event hosting speakers Margarita Machado-Casas and community arts organization Barrio E. It also organized round-table discussions, offered vast scholarship opportunities, and catered food to inspire students across all three institutions of Auraria.

Networking: a Learning Experience

CAM STUDENTS SHARE SXSW EXPERIENCE South by Southwest is one of the biggest festivals in the US, playing host to film, music, interactive media, and conferences. This year, six ambassadors from the College of Arts and Media travelled to SXSW thanks to donor Deidre Wilson,

Evol by Future (Epic)

Future is full of surprises; shortly after releasing his unexpected mixtape, Purple Reign, he released his new album Evol on Feb. 6—and yes, that is meant to be love backwards. Future has often produced tracks that do not miss a single beat, along with a

Passport to Africa is Cultural Inclusion

CULTURES COALESCE DURING TURNHALLE EVENT The Tivoli Turnhalle witnessed an all-consuming and enormously energetic night on March 20 as it hosted Passport to Africa, a unifying event meant to raise awareness of the diversity of African culture. The exploration was certainly a celebratory one, fit with


I’ve never handled poetry well. For an English major, that category of study has always been difficult for me in an embarrassing way. Aren’t all writers poets? I really wish that were the case. Sometimes I can scrape together poetic thoughts and create something legible,

Creative Exchange with Misfit Goods

CRAFTS MEET CRAFT BREWS AT GRANDMA’S HOUSE Grandma’s House is almost exactly what it sounds like. The quaint brewery is styled to look identical to what an elderly relative’s home would look like, save for the fully functional bar in the main room. Grandma’s House

COFFEE PLEASE: Paying for the Experience

To no avail, I have been trying to find an internship for this summer. At first, I thought I could do it all on my own, but that lead to only finding dead ends. I went to a workshop through the Experiential Learning Center to