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Scariest, Media-Fueled, Hate-Mongering Candidate


Donald Trump is the ultimate example of pop culture in the US overtly affecting political outcomes. His success hasn’t come from having great policies or a wealth of experience in the political realm, but instead from playing on the fears of the uninformed. All politicians use their charisma to sway public opinion one way or another, that’s how the game works. Trump’s ideas, however, are far more dangerous than any other presidential candidate in this election.

Just look at his campaign. When Trump first declared his candidacy for President of the United States, it was laughable. He was that asshole rich guy from The Apprentice, with the duck face and bad hair. Most people thought Ralph Nader has had better chances at winning than this guy. The moment Trump gained traction was when he declared that Mexico should build and pay for a giant wall on the border to keep their “criminal, rapist” people from coming to the US.

His rhetoric caused outrage and disgust that someone would even consider saying something so horribly racist publicly, especially while running for president. For some, however, this was the candidate they had been waiting for: someone who would say all the things that the racists, sexists, and homophobes were too afraid to outside of their local bar. Trump, through a blunder of insensitive words, found his target market.

When members of the Ku Klux Klan openly endorsed Trump, he took days to decide whether he wanted to publicly distance himself from them or not. When asked point-blank about it, Trump dodged the question. In England there was a petition that was debated on the floor of Parliament to actually ban him from the country. If the Klan loves him and our allies hate him, that should raise some red flags for any sane individual. Trump is hands down the scariest presidential candidate in this year’s upcoming electio

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