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Best and worst go together like chocolate and peanut butter— unless you have a nut allergy. But this week’s final issue of the semester for the CU Denver Sentry is dedicated to just that. No, not a nut allergy.

We’ve devoted our 16 pages to wrapping up the year’s articles, pictures, and puns; we’ve taken our best pitches and created a round-up of all the best and worst that the City of Denver has to offer. It was fun, easy, and we think you’ll find that when you read it. Most of all, this Best-Worst issue is a reflection of what this year meant for CU Denver students.

It was filled with transitions, new ideas, and achievements. While we push through finals week, here at the Sentry we’re just getting started. Next year will be led by the special, creative, talented, and intelligent Savannah Nelson. Under her leadership, the newspaper will be more inclusive, astute, and relevant than ever before.

We’re excited to return as your student newspaper next year, and while our next Editor in Chief Nelson busily plans for the upcoming year, be sure to check out our website,, for updates in the meantime.

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Madi Bates

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