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Cheapest Administrative CU System Policy


Student employees at CU Denver have come across an unfortunate new administrative policy in the past year, which capped workers to 25 hours per week. For many, this unfortunate ruling cut hours as much as half, and disallowed students to fund themselves through on-campus employment. Ž

This policy surfaced in the Fall 2015 semester, when university employers were forced to tell students that their weekly hours could not exceed 25. Ž ere was no official statement or update released by CU Denver making this news a priority, so the hard-working students had to find out about their hour cuts through a tangled grape vine of resentment. Ž

The memo for this change, available through Googling “CU Denver 25 hour student employee,” covers the basics—this change is here, it’s final, and there’s no included reasoning. So if there’s some confusion as to why students can no longer work enough hours to pay their rent, it’s perfectly justified.

A typical CU Denver student has to make enough money to pay for tuition, rent, groceries, and an assortment of bills—we now get it why parents grumbled at us to turn off the lights when we left a room. Finding an off -campus job can be tricky when taking upwards of 12 credits and maneuvering around a daytime schedule.

For many, student hourlies on Auraria are the best option, as organizations understand that academia comes as a priority. In the past, students would push themselves by working over 35 hours a week with different campus positions to make enough money to support themselves.

However, one job offering $10—or less—an hour at 25 hours a week doesn’t pay enough for a student to survive financially. Ž Those wages barely account for how much parking costs on a monthly basis, let alone the soaring rent prices. Ž is administrative policy has restricted hard-working students and made it even harder for them to be enrolled at all. It’s disappointing, inconvenient, and cheap.

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