Slay-Z by Azealia Banks (Self-Released)

Azealia Banks is a well-known figure, not for her music, but rather for her outspoken personality and controversial claims. In fact, a quick search of Banks on Google generates more about her Twitter rants and less about her music.

Banks self-released her second mixtape, Slay-Z, on March 24 to unexpecting fans. The eight-track tape features more recognizable artists like Rick Ross and Nina Sky.

The tracks featured are danceable and energetic, but are no different than any current pop-hip-hop album on the market. Banks lacks charm and originality, making this album mundane and forgettable.

“Used To Being Alone” will be most familiar to hip-hop fans, with little bits of EDM mixed in. It starts off with a consistent beat, then Banks eases her way into it vocally. It definitely gets listeners off their feet, but the material lacks imagination. However, Banks is unapologetic with this track because she samples artist Tony Igy’s Astromania. It’s a petty move Banks makes purposefully because her rival Iggy Azalea sampled the same song. Even musically, Banks is throwing shade.

Banks does showcase her softer side a bit in “Along The Coast,” where she sings, “Come find me along the coast/As the raindrops condense and fall.” Banks’ voice is softer than usual, which melds well with the beat.

Banks doesn’t take any chances artistically, but rather sticks to the script and gives listeners a collection of music that has been recorded all too often. Banks should apply the creativity she expresses with her rants on Twitter and use it for songwriting. That way she would have good music and no one would be offended in the process.

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