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A CU Denver alumnus John ‘Jack’ Kroll has gone from being an active student on campus to a CU Regent candidate.

Kroll attended CU Denver from 2006– 2011 where he majored in Economics and English Literature and minored in Theatre.

During his time with the university Kroll was heavily involved with student organizations on campus including this newspaper, formerly known as the Advocate. “I started as a production assistant,” Kroll said. “I would go around and take out the trash. I would do whatever they let me do. They started to let me write fake horoscopes and all sorts of odds-and-ends stories. I became a staff writer, then moved over to become the opinions editor. Then I became assistant news editor. When I was assistant news editor that’s when I started to cover student government.”

“The most important thing a student can do as they approach graduation is get involved on campus”
—Jack Kroll
Assistant Director of Admission of CU Boulder | CU Denver Alumni Class of 2011

After a few years with the Advocate, Kroll left to join student government. It was during his time working on SGA that lead him to pursue becoming a CU Regent. “In my last year at CU Denver I had to opportunity to serve as the student representative to the Board of Regents,” Kroll said. “That exposed me to a lot of what the Regents do and it exposed me to a lot of the issues the university faces. It gave me a lot of relative experience to be successful for the job.”

Kroll wants to students to share the same experience he had while gaining an undergraduate degree. “Ultimately why I want to be Regent is because I know how much I benefitted from my own education and how much my parents benefitted from their education and how their education benefitted me,” Kroll said. “I want to see more students, especially from the Denver area, have the opportunity to go to college and realize their full potential.”

Jack Kroll works for CU Boulder admissions and is running to be a CU Regent. photo: Ashley Bauler • CU Denver Sentry

Jack Kroll works for CU Boulder admissions and is running to be a CU Regent.
photo: Ashley Bauler • CU Denver Sentry

Now Kroll works as the Assistant Director of Admissions at CU Boulder, where he serves as a recruiter to prospective students. “I am on the ground every single day working with prospective and current students,” Kroll said. “I recruit students. I go to high schools, college fairs, and I travel around the state and country. I read applications when they come in and I make admission decisions, and it can be hard sometimes. There are a lot of qualified and bright students out there.”

He also works directly with students to understand the student experience. “My work with current students is probably my favorite part of the job,” Kroll said. “I oversee about 100 student volunteers who serve as our campus tour guides. I think as someone who is running for Regent that ability to connect with students on a daily basis is unrivaled.”

When asked about what advice he had for students on campus, his answer was simple. “I learned a lot of great things in the classroom that taught me some incredible critical thinking skills and decision making skills,” Kroll said. “But the most important thing a student can do as they approach their graduation is get involved on campus.”

Kroll also encouraged students to take political action. “Just stay aware and informed,” Kroll said. “Be an active voter and be aware of what happens that shapes your experience at the university, whether that’s decisions by administrators or decision by the Board of Regents or decision by the state legislators. We need to elect leaders to the Board of Regents and to the legislators that are going to put students’ interests first. It’s a call to stay involved and stay informed. Read the newspaper and vote.”

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