Evol by Future (Epic)

Future is full of surprises; shortly after releasing his unexpected mixtape, Purple Reign, he released his new album Evol on Feb. 6—and yes, that is meant to be love backwards.

Future has often produced tracks that do not miss a single beat, along with a few that kind of miss the boat. On Evol there are certainly tracks that are lip synch-worth while listening to the album, and some that are slightly tasteless but maintain a certain element of humor that buffers possible crudity. Evol has an emotive profundity that is affirmed by lyrics thinly shrouded by the throes of life and concealed in a Xanax-produced fog.

Often times the samples and beats hook the listener in so deep they don’t even listen to what they’re saying even if it is lyrics as asinine as, “I’m trying to fuck the DA lady in her mouth though,” on one of the more clumsy tracks, “In Her Mouth.”

One of the album’s alluringly humourous tracks is “Xanny Family.” Although lyrically the track is not Future’s most articulate song, the beats are subtle and repetitive like the lyrics, almost trancelike in its nature.

In the end, Evol is an album that flourishes despite its lowbrow qualities. The beats are too enticing to notice the possibly offensive lyrics, and if they are noticed, they become quite simply funny. It doesn’t carry the same coarse honesty as Future’s third album DS2, but it is an album that showcases his confidence, exquisite production, and his quick growth in the rap world.

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