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School Dances and Loud Speakers


A wild card is exactly how it sounds: full of unlikelihood, comprised of surprises. Music Business major William Card is exactly that. A hardworking, enthusiastic person with a helpful tone, Card is much more than just a student; he’s a DJ.

A University Honors and Leadership student and former chair of the Student Peer Review committee in SGA, Card is a sound mixer who goes by DJ WYLD KARD. He has played at events like the Multiple Sclerosis Walk and Lynxapalooza. The Sentry sat down with Card to talk about his music and his big plans for the future.

The Sentry (S): What led you to music?

Card: Music was something that resonated with me from a young age. Probably towards the end of high school, I was reaching this divide where I wasn’t getting a ton of positive feedback in terms of being a performer or an artist. I found something that I really loved doing but I wasn’t being externally motivated. I had to convince myself that I could do music without being a performer.

S: What has your experience been like as a DJ?

C: It’s so fun. I’ve been doing it for four years. I started DJing for middle school dances in high school. My older brother did it, and I was grandfathered into it by him. I worked for an event company last summer called A Music Plus that hires independent contractors. I had a cool opportunity to do a couple weddings and had the chance to play the Multiple Sclerosis Walk. I was thinking, “What’s a way that I can take DJing to another level?” I’m planning on creating a business and start DJing at bars.

S: How has music changed you?

C: Music is definitely my life. Performing music was my livelihood. I want people to be able to use their creativity to define themselves and figure out who they are as a person. I want people to be able to spread that message and find other people whom their personal message resonates with.

S: How did you come up with the name, WYLD KARD?

C: Freshmen year of high school, we were doing this introduction thing for this ice breaker. All the seniors were picking freshmen to meet and greet. This one senior picked me and said, ‘Wild Card.’ The name stuck. Moving to college, I thought DJ WYLD KARD was kind of catchy. I had to look for something that would be different and unique.

S: What has been your favorite event to DJ?

C: I got to be an MC for Manchester Orchestra. My other favorite was a middle school dance last summer. It was only an hour and a half, but the timing was right. The kids were excited, the speakers were loud, I felt like I was playing the right songs.

Card will travel to New York during the summer to intern for Neon Gold Records, and TMWRK Management, with hopes to move to Los Angeles or New York in the near future to continue DJing.

—Dilkush Khan

Above: Will Card, or DJ WYLD KARD, finds the connective nature of music in his work.

photo: Sarai Nissan • CU Denver Sentry

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