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Daily Archives: March 30, 2016

Staff Picks 3/30: Beach Daze

“Sea Lion Goth Blues” – The Growlers I personally try to stay away from extensive exposure to the sun and vast bodies of water, but there is something about The Growlers that makes me want to post up on sandy shore on a, preferably, overcast

FROM THE EDITOR: Bittersweet Weeks

Bittersweet is the day that we return to school after Spring Break. Too short a time ago we were all traveling, or reading for pleasure, or maybe we were on campus busting our butts and cursing everyone else who roamed the streets freely. At the

No One Deserves Happiness by The Body (Thrill Jockey)

Seventeen years and four studio albums later, sludge-metal band The Body spits out another morbid, hope-killing record, No One Deserves Happiness, released on March 18. The title sounds exactly like the album does: terrible. But lead vocalist Chip King and drummer Lee Buford wanted the

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Disguise the Limit by Nyck Caution (Cinematic Music Group)

Nyck Caution is Brooklyn’s own artist originally creating his first pieces of music with the group PRO ERA. His sound has evolved over the years from boombap beats to more modernized instrumentals. His debut album Disguise The Limit, released Feb. 29, contains 14 tracks with

School Dances and Loud Speakers

WILL CARD DISCUSSES BUSINESS OF DJING A wild card is exactly how it sounds: full of unlikelihood, comprised of surprises. Music Business major William Card is exactly that. A hardworking, enthusiastic person with a helpful tone, Card is much more than just a student; he’s

Campus Gun Policy Under Debate

CONCEALED CARRY ACT SPLITS STUDENTS The topic of Auraria Campus’ concealed carry gun policy was a primary conversation at February’s CU Regent debate. All regent potentials, as well as current Regent and Denver District Attorney hopeful Michael Carrigan, said they would like to see the

’10 Myths’ Confronts Modern Enigmas

BUNTPORT THEATER HOSTS BATHTUB OF MUSICIANS 10 Myths on the Proper Application of Beauty Products is, in essence, a modern myth. The play is hard to concisely summarize, but that is what makes it so intriguing. Hosted by the Buntport Theater Company, the play’s venue is

Social Media Post Fuels Deportation

FREEDOM OF SPEECH LOST On Feb. 3, an Egyptian pilot student posted a status on Facebook stating he’d be willing to serve a life sentence for killing business mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump. About a month later, he was arrested and is being forced

Student Attends Art Dubai as VIP Guest

COLLEGE OF ARTS AND MEDIA AMBASSADOR When photography student Delia Tharnish travelled to Dubai last March for the first time, she noticed something familiar. The second time she travelled this past March, it stuck out like a sore thumb. She couldn’t help but notice the

COFFEE PLEASE: The Attack in Brussels

Within the past few weeks there have been eight bombings across Europe and the Middle East. One of the latest cities to be under attack was Brussels, Belgium. The Brussels metro station and airport were bombed leaving 35 people killed and dozens more with injuries.