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Mind of Mine by ZAYN (RCA)

Almost exactly one year after his departure from One Direction, former member of the group, ZAYN, has released his latest on March 27 titled Mind Of Mine, a solo album of pure fuckboy manifestation.

With Mind Of Mine’s tendency toward heavy pop beats, sappy-yet-vulgar sexualized lyrics, along with ZAYN’s affinity to pose for pictures in nothing but some $600 jeans and half a bottle of baby oil, it becomes difficult to avoid making the over-used comparison of ZAYN’s work to the pop genre’s ultimate riot boy, Justin Bieber.

Unlike the work of Bieber, however, the popiness of Mind Of Mine is more difficult to explain away a simple a guilty pleasure. ZAYN’s music features the synth-laden, bass heavy, banally-lyrical work that other pop boys have done one million times before, only ZAYN’s take is not quite as memorable and even more lyrically frustrating.

The plot of one of the more popular tracks, “PILLOW TALK,” describes ZAYN’s desire to stay in bed with his bae all day, which he describes as “the place you lose your fears,” and “a place that is so pure, so dirty and raw.”

Not only are the album’s lyrics maddeningly trivial, but their titles feature the kind of sporadic, non-sensical capitalization that a person much older than ZAYN might have used in their AOL instant messages to show their wacky side. “i LOve dRinkINg hYpnOtiC wITh My BFfs,” these messages might have said. With song titles like “iT’s YoU,” and “dRuNk,” Mind Of Mine’s message isn’t entirely different.

—Mariah Taylor

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