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FROM THE EDITOR: Bittersweet Weeks

Bittersweet is the day that we return to school after Spring Break. Too short a time ago we were all traveling, or reading for pleasure, or maybe we were on campus busting our butts and cursing everyone else who roamed the streets freely. At the very least, it was on our own time.

Now back on campus, it feels as though all too recently I hunkered in the Sentry office to get out the freshman and transfer students’ Orientation Issue. It’s time to get back to remembering what hard work looks and feels like, and back to Auraria Campus.

Here at the Sentry, we’re not afraid to get our hands a little dirty—to get in the middle of the action, and to keep students apprised of what CU Denver has to offer. We can’t cover it all, but we strive to deliver the most compelling content week by week.

As mentioned on page 5 of this issue, the Sentry is on this year’s ballot along with three AHEC fees. I expect all four measures to pass, but one that I am particularly passionate about is the Sentry fee—and it’s not about my own personal job security; I’m out of here come this May, hence why this Spring Break was so sentimental to me.

It’s about something very fundamental— representation and freedom of speech. The student newspaper is a staple of any college campus, and has been fundamental to my education at CU Denver, as well as the lives of so many others on campus. This office is both a home and a classroom, as we educate ourselves on journalism.

Whether you’re a staff member, guest contributor, occasional reader, or a student who glances at the cover as they walk down the South corridor of North Classroom, the Sentry is a crucial part of Auraria since 1964 and will be for many years to come.

We must all get out and vote this April: It is imperative that we make sure we don’t change the balance on this campus. As CU Denver’s sole journalistic publication, we represent a crucial facet of CU Denver to the Auraria Campus, for graduates, and for students who walk the campus every day. We’re here for you, your stories, and your lifestyle every week, so make sure to vote on the week of April 11 to 15.

—Madi Bates

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