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FREE VERSE: Spring Break Forever, Baby

Welcome back from Spring Break all you party animals. I hope your week was spent with your laptops closed and something like The Shangri-Las coming through the speakers of whatever beachside bar you found yourself. For me, the music was girl group Habibi and the bar was in Austin. The week of beach-grunge and warm, wet climate has me wondering, “How can I bottle the Spring Break feeling and carry it around with me through the rest of the semester?”

You might be thinking, “Get over it, Mariah. You can’t. Put away your swimsuit, pull out the slacks, and get back into the nine-to-five life. No Habibi till summer, kid.” But to that, I stomp my foot. There has to be a way.

For me, the trick is taking life much less seriously for a change. It’s funny how a week in the sun can put your life into perspective, and I’m starting to realize how utterly dramatic I can get about my busy schedule and low bank account.

It all depends on your perspective or something.

And yes, all of these things warrant a bit of concern. Making the grades to graduate is important, and eating off of the Taco Bell dollar menu to avoid further college debt is starting to lose its allure.

But maybe I can bring those shiny, beaming vacation vibes into these less glamorous, every- day situations. I think that maybe it’s like when you stub your toe during your week in Southern California and somehow it doesn’t hurt quite as bad. It all just depends on your perspective or something.

So, at least until the Spring Break bliss wears off, I’m sporting pink nail polish and listening to the fuck out of Habibi’s twanging guitar and feminine vocals. I’m going to convince myself that my financial status doesn’t deserve a weekly cryfest.

I’m going to see more live music with friends and give less shits about trivial homework deadlines. I’ll walk around with two middle-fingers up shouting “Spring Break forever, baby!” And maybe, just maybe, I can keep this up until Friday.

—Mariah Taylor

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