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Disguise the Limit by Nyck Caution (Cinematic Music Group)

Nyck Caution is Brooklyn’s own artist originally creating his first pieces of music with the group PRO ERA. His sound has evolved over the years from boombap beats to more modernized instrumentals. His debut album Disguise The Limit, released Feb. 29, contains 14 tracks with powerful lyricism.

Capturing the listener with common samples from movies or other popular songs, Caution plays off of the message to create something new and refreshing.

Each sample directly correlates not only to the message he is trying to convey, but to the emotion that young urban youth face on a day-to-day basis. It relates directly to the hearts of the commuters on campus working hard to obtain scholarships and succeed in life through education, relevant to headphones and earbuds everywhere.

The title of the album contains what his audience should view as a triple entendre— disguise the limit, the sky’s the limit, this guy’s the limit—making it clear enough that not only do we set our own boundaries, but we are meant to exceed the expectations others have set for us.

The artist describes his sound as something that is innovative, yet rough and raw, staying true to the streets of Brooklyn.

As a 22-year-old on the New York music scene, Caution captures each listener’s ear with an unloosening grip. He is not to be interpreted as someone who tries to impress, but more as someone who is willing to progress. Creating new ideas and doorways, Caution has been overlooked in the music industry.

—Destina Knight

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