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COFFEE PLEASE: The Attack in Brussels

Within the past few weeks there have been eight bombings across Europe and the Middle East. One of the latest cities to be under attack was Brussels, Belgium.

The Brussels metro station and airport were bombed leaving 35 people killed and dozens more with injuries. In the days since the ISIS attack, this city is starting to feel more backlash than sorrow.

There is more anti-immigration anger taking over the city than ever. Many nationalists don’t want to have their city lost to immigrants and are taking these terrorist attacks as fuel for their political party.

The problem runs deeper than just the terrorist group.

Because of the anti-immigration protests, a Mariah Carey concert was cancelled as well as a peace march to honor the victims of the attack.

This is exactly what we, as a culture living alongside forms of terrorism like ISIS, don’t want to happen. We should not let attacks such as the Brussels bombing become the new normal. In the past year, unfortunately, it has.

Brussels is just one of the many examples of fear of attacks and bombings dictating the behavior of the people living in their country. Many people are afraid to leave their homes out of fear they may not return home. The police and the military are patrolling the city, waiting for the next attack.

Terrorism is a growing problem and it’s not just ISIS that needs to be stopped—the problem runs deeper than just a specific terrorist group. The problem is what is driving terrorist groups to form and take action. It has gone from the Taliban to ISIS, and as one group is stopped, another is formed. The aggression becomes angrier and stronger.

These days, we have become so desensitized to mass killings that we are either living in complete fear or choosing not to feel anything. We live in the “ignorance is bliss” state of mind as more innocent people are killed in terror attacks. Real people, with real lives, have died.

—Morgan Mackey

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