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Understanding CU Denver Acronyms

CU Denver uses many efficient acronyms to indicate where buildings are, the names of student organizations, and what college a student is in. Although the acronyms are helpful, it can be sometimes difficult to understand what they abbreviate when students first step on campus.

The Sentry has compiled a list of the most common acronyms that you may come across during your stay on campus There are always more acronyms, but here are the ones that students see the most.

—Morgan Mackey

College acronyms:

CLAS – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
CAM – College of Arts and Media
CAP – College of Architecture and Planning

Campus buildings:

NRTH or NC – North Classroom
L or AL – Library
PLZA or PL – Plaza Building
CUDN or CU – CU Denver Building across Speer but separate from the business school
BUSB – Business School Building
TV – Tivoli Student Union
SCB or AB1 – Student Commons Building
LSC – Lawrence Street Center
SI – Science building

Student Organizations:

SGA – Student Government Association
PAL – Peer Advocate Leaders
ASA – Asian Student Alliance
OSL – Office of Student Life
UHl – University Honors and Leadership
BSAC – Business Student Ambassador Committee


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