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The Great Auraria Campus Center List


There are a lot of free resource centers on the Auraria Campus, so many it’s easy to miss them. However, college becomes a lot easier when the resources offered are actually used. Here is a quick list of some of the most important centers to draw on when needed.

The Career Center:  Students unsure of what major they want to pursue should check out the Career Center. “We are the go-to office for incoming students to find out more about what majors will suite their strengths, how to translate high school and volunteer opportunities into resume building items, and how to navigate your college path to translate into a purposeful career,” said Leah Fitzgerald, Career Center Events and Assessment Coordinator.

The Career Center acts to advise students who have not yet declared their majors, making it an obvious stop early on in your time at CU Denver.

The Writing Center: A lot of new college students struggle with making sure that their writing is up to the level professors expect. Fortunately, there’s a center to address just that problem. “The Writing Center is a free service for students at all levels working on any type of writing,” said Assistant Director of the Writing Center Drew Bixby. “Through collaborative discussion and instruction, students become more confident, accomplished writers.”

There is no excuse for not making it into the Writing Center. “The Writing Center operates six physical locations and four distinct online services,” Bixby said. You can schedule appointments and even get help all online.

There are more than just academic resources available to you at CU Denver. A wide range of health services are also available through centers on campus.

Phoenix Center at Auraria: Phoenix Center at Auraria Program Assistant Shanna Mae Petersen explains the services they offer to students dealing with interpersonal violence. “The PCA determines interpersonal violence as an umbrella term that includes domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking,” Petersen said.

Students dealing with such violence will find a wealth of resources and support in the PCA. “As advocates we can help our clients navigate the criminal justice system, provide academic advocacy, brainstorm safety planning options, and support our clients within the higher education system,” Petersen said. Even if you are unable to go in person, the PCA is ready to help. “We also have a 24/7 helpline that is free and confidential,” Petersen said.

The Health Center: Students can also visit the Health Center, located in the Plaza building. The Health Center helps treat disease and injury right on campus, just drop by during their open hours with your insurance card. You may also need to make a stop there in order to ensure that all of your required immunizations are completed and up-to-date.

The Counseling Center: The Counseling Center provides students with useful health resources. Though somewhat hidden in Tivoli #454, the staff there is ready and able to provide counseling services, just stop by to set up an appointment or just make a drop-in visit.

These centers—along with more research-oriented centers and departments—also run workshops and host talks throughout the semester, so keep an eye out. They are an easy way to ensure a good start in school and some additional opportunities to learn.

—Gideon Simons

Above: The Phoenix Center at Auraria is one of the many resources for students on-campus.

photo: Korina Rojo • CU Denver Sentry

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