Take a Breather in the Relaxation Room


Mindfulness is the most powerful skill a student could master their freshman year with the copious amounts of tasks that are developed each and every day. A clear head is more productive, happier, and healthier. That’s why the Relaxation Room in the Counseling Center in Tivoli 454 is a great resource for students.

To perform well each day, students need to take care of themselves. Luckily, the Relaxation Room is simple to book for use despite a stressful college schedule. To use the Relaxation Room, students simply need to call and make an appointment, or just walk into the office and ask the office aid at the front desk to use it. Sometimes the room will be reserved for someone else, so calling beforehand may be a wise option.

If interested in using the deep breathing software in the room, the student should approach the person working the front counter and say that they would like to set up the deep relaxation software. The student will be able to enter the room and get situated in front of a small computer to set up an account for the deep breathing software.

The software will give directions to the user for deep breathing. The wires monitor the level of unevenness in the breath. Use the software to notice how to breathe properly. After 15–20 minutes, the student can walk away from the desk feeling calm and grounded.

Within the Relaxation Room are several resources. There is an electric massage chair with multiple settings for either deep relaxation or just a refreshing squeeze for the muscles. There is a cushion and a mat that anyone can use to meditate.

This is where students can get the most of their experience in the Relaxation Room. Use the cushion or the chair provided for the breathing software to get comfortable and meditate. The room is dimly lit and silent to provide a comfortable environment to truly zen-out.

If a student is new to meditation, bringing their smartphone to look up guided meditations on Spotify and YouTube can really make a difference. TheHonestGuys is a perfect channel and Spotify artist that has a myriad of different guided meditations focused in different areas: Stress relief, coping with loss, or overcoming depression are very straightforward topics the guided meditations will address.

Just take a minute to relax. Students are allowed a maximum of an hour, which can be more than enough sometimes. If a student is really busy, just popping in for 10 minutes is completely normal.

This activity can be an excellent tool to calm down before a test, or to help cope with anxiety about the massive amounts of work that need to be done throughout the week, or to help find some grounding before a long shift at work.

After putting away any used items, one leaves the Relaxation Room feeling revitalized and ready for the rest of the day.

CU Denver Counseling Center

900 Auraria Pkwy.

Tivoli #454

(303) 556-4372


Mon.–Thurs.: 9 a.m.–7 p.m.

Fri.: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

—Liam O’Dowd-White

Above: The Relaxation Room is located in Tivoli Tower

photo: Nicole Elizabeth • CU Denver Sentry

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