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The Office of Student Life is a helpful resource for any student looking to be involved on campus or make new friends. With approximately 130 active student organizations, growing by about 30 each semester, there are many ways for students to be active in campus life.

There isn’t just one way to join the student-organization community on campus. “Getting involved with student organizations can come in many forms,” said Amanda Kister, Student Organizations graduate assistant. “For our office in particular, we try to provide as many ways for that to happen throughout the year. Definitely our most popular way—and what we really push—is called OrgSync. com. It is a student organization-based social media site. It acts very similar to Facebook in the sense you create a profile and then you can browse student organizations. We house all of our active student organizations on that site.”

There are many events throughout the year that students can participate in to learn more about student organizations. “Spring Fling and Fall Fest are two really large-scale events where students can get connected with student organizations,” Kister said. “Our college also hosts the Student Involvement Fair, and that is during the fall semester, during the first week, just a one day event of about three hours that student organizations can come and table all specifically for CU Denver.”

Being an active member of a student organization can improve a student’s college experience and be life-changing. “The impact of being in a student organization runs really deep,” Kister said. “Students are really able to find people they connect with on an intellectual, professional, emotional, and social level.” Being in a group of people that share the same interests can create lifelong friendships.

There are student organizations for everyone. No matter where a student is from or what their background is, they can find an organization that is right for them. “We have students that are coming from all different experiences, backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, religions, and they’re trying to make their path and find their people,” Kister said. “It can be hard for students to find their group or their community. But with our office and the resources we provide and our student organizations in general, they are at the forefront.”

It may be difficult to find an organization, but in the end it is worth it. “We’re not a campus that has Greek Life or large spaces of on-campus housing, so the effort and, really, intentionality piece is so important,” Kister said. “I think these student organizations are a space where students can make that happen.”

It doesn’t matter where a student came from or what they’re majoring in, getting involved in a student organization can change the entire college experience. Being an active member in a student organization can create friendships, build leadership skills, opens up new opportunities, among many other things. Among the growing 130 organizations on campus, there is sure to be one for everybody.

Office of Student Life

900 Auraria Pkwy.

Tivoli #303

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Mon.–Fri.: 8 a.m.–5 p.m

—Tessa Blair

Above :Club Hub is located on the third floor of the Tivoli next to the Sentry office.

photo: Korina Rojo • CU Denver Sentry

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