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State of the University (Orientation 2016)

How about a round of applause for our upcoming freshman class, who are attending orientation at this rainywindy- sunny-cloudy, highs in the 70s time of year.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s around this time in the Spring semester that Student Government is getting amped for elections. Elections include a whole bunch of neat fees and programs to vote on (this year our ballot will include fees for the annual RTD fee, and this very publication, the CU Denver Sentry), as well as SGA positions, which is why this particular article is jam-packed with information.

Whether you’ve been here for three years or you’re a senior in high school walking into the university for the first time, it’s important to come to understand what the Student Government Association looks like. With about 30 students, the organization has a structure which has thoughtfully evolved over the last decade. Aside from the Executives (President and Vice President), we’re broken down into two handfuls of committees: Events and Planning, Legislation and Outreach, Finance and Funding, College Council, the Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board, the Student Fee Review Committee, Freshman Council, and Judicial Council.

The standing committees—Events and Planning, Legislation and Outreach, and Finance and Funding—are staffed by general election; as a voter, you will vote to fill 18 senator positions, and after they’ve been elected, they’ll figure out who sits on what committee. SACAB and College Council are committees whose members are elected directly to the body. Finally, SFRC, Freshman Council, and Judicial Council are appointed by the Executives who win the election.

Events and Planning does exactly what you would assume they do by their name. They are the brilliant minds responsible for the Cultural Diversity Festival, Carnival de Lynx, and Spirit Thursdays in North Classroom.

Finance and Funding reviews and approves clubs and orgs’ budgets for their organizations’ operations, including events, conferences, research, and activities.

Legislation and Outreach is primarily responsible for writing the language we pass in senate, and hosting town halls to get student feedback. These events inform the future decisions of the Student Government, and fuel initiatives like the Wellness Center project and the Greek Life feasibility study.

The Student Fee Review Committee reviews and approves the budgets of services and programs which are funded by student fees. Take, for instance, the Club Sports program, for which students pay about $9. The Club Sports coordinator, Brett Lagerblade, is required to come to SFRC every year to review the use of his funding. It’s pretty great.

SACAB addresses all things which pertain to students of the Auraria Campus at large—parking, smoking, security, facilities, food vendors, sustainability, etc. The committee is composed of two students from each institution on campus, and every year, one student gets the opportunity to sit on the Auraria Board. Next year, it will be CU Denver’s turn to take a seat among the executives of the campus, so buckle up.

College Council, for the first time this year, will be members of senate, elected to voting positions. With one representative from each school or college, College Council is the only official opportunity for students to directly represent their academic experiences. If you are passionate about your education and have ideas for how to improve student experiences within your college, please reach out to us— we’d love to chat.

Welcome to CU Denver, newbie freshmen, and feel free to drop by Tivoli 301 to chat with us and snoop!

—David Heisler • SGA PRESIDENT


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