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Daily Archives: March 22, 2016

The Great Auraria Campus Center List

ON-CAMPUS RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS There are a lot of free resource centers on the Auraria Campus, so many it’s easy to miss them. However, college becomes a lot easier when the resources offered are actually used. Here is a quick list of some of the

Where to Find a Computer Lab

Assignment due dates can rush by quickly. It is stressful finding time to write up every assignment. And while it can be difficult thinking of how to respond to an English prompt, one of the trickiest things to figure out can be where to research,

Best Album for the Morning Commute

Summer Days  (And Summer Nights!!) – The Beach Boys | Capitol Whether it’s riding the light rail, taking the bus, or driving a car, it can be stressful trying to get to school early in the morning, especially after a long night of studying or

FREE VERSE: Be Prepared for the Shit

As a senior, finally exiting my life as an undergraduate student, I have taken away one belief for certain: If your college years aren’t difficult and you manage to avoid massive stress, heartbreak, criticism, and a lack of funds so severe you have to laugh,

Gallery Gives Student Artists Voice

EMMANUEL GALLERY IS PLACE TO HANG ART The Emmanuel Gallery, located between the Auraria Library and the PE Event Center, is an art gallery mostly devoted to displaying the works of students and faculty from all three schools on Auraria Campus. It provides an incredible

CU Denver’s Attendance Policy

At CU Denver, the attendance policy is just as important as doing homework. The policy was updated in March 2008, replacing the 1995 attendance policy. Attendance consequences vary between courses in terms of severity or leniency. Every professor is required to give their students a

Coffee Break and Studying Sanctuaries

COFFEE SHOPS ARE OASES JUST OFF CAMPUS When spending several hours on campus, listening to lectures all day, being around other human beings, and writing down notes until your hand-cramps become unbearable, it is essential to know where the prime off-campus study spots are for

Understanding CU Denver Acronyms

CU Denver uses many efficient acronyms to indicate where buildings are, the names of student organizations, and what college a student is in. Although the acronyms are helpful, it can be sometimes difficult to understand what they abbreviate when students first step on campus. The

How to Win at Talking to Advisors

College is expensive and time-consuming. Students need to make sure that they take the correct classes so they don’t waste precious time and money taking classes they don’t need to graduate. To accomplish this task, talking to an academic advisor frequently is key. Academic advisors