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How to Win at Talking to Advisors

College is expensive and time-consuming. Students need to make sure that they take the correct classes so they don’t waste precious time and money taking classes they don’t need to graduate. To accomplish this task, talking to an academic advisor frequently is key. Academic advisors are available for thirty minute to one hour sessions to help students make sure they are taking the best classes to get the degree they want.

CU Denver has several different programs to offer. There are six different colleges at CU Denver for prospective architects, scientists, writers, CEOs, and more. Because each college has a different population of students, the advising system also varies between programs. This means that the pre-health major has a different experience making appointments with their advisors than a CAM major. Every department prefers students to call or ask the front desk in the department to make an appointment.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Undeclared, College of Arts and Media Undeclared, College of Arts and Media Freshmen, Pre Business, Pre- Engineering, Pre-Architecture: Head to the Academic Success and Advising Center on the first floor of the CU Building and ask about seeing an advisor. There are certain times where walk-in advising sessions are available, and others that students need to make an appointment for. For first-year students with a declared major and that are already accepted into a specific program, the advisors vary.

After talking to an advisor to discuss what classes to take next semester, head online to UCD Access. This online portal is where all students register for classes throughout their time at CU Denver. To register for classes, click the “All student functions” button, select enroll, then search for classes that the academic advisor suggested via course and section numbers.

The trick to getting all of the classes students want on time is by adding classes for next semester in the shopping cart before registration opens and clicking “submit” the day of registration. This way, students will avoid being wait-listed, will have more flexible options with their schedule, and can be more picky about the professors they choose to take classes with.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences:

First-year students are assigned a general advisor to talk to about anything besides their major. To talk about what you are majoring in, you talk to a specific advisor assigned to you for your major.

Business School:

Undergraduates are able to talk to three advisors. It doesn’t matter which one you talk to. There is an additional peer advisor that isn’t assigned to you that you can also talk to.

College of Engineering:

Undergrads are assigned one advisor for their particular major, however the advisor changes every semester. College of Architecture: Undergraduate first-year students talk to two general advisors.

School of Education:

First-year students talk to a single advisor that coordinates with all undergraduates.

School of Public Affairs:

First-year students also talk to a single advisor that coordinates with all undergraduates.


Academic Success and Advising Center

Student Commons Building Suite 1113

(303) 315-1940


—Liam O’Dowd-White

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