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How to Stay Safe on Campus

By addressing concerns all universities face in addition to the challenges borne from being situated in a major urban center, CU Denver and the larger Auraria Campus take special care to ensure the safety of its students.

Most unique to this tri-institutional campus is the Auraria Campus Police Department (ACPD), which is a unit separate from the Denver Police Department (DPD). The ACPD are not security guards—they are fully-trained state police officers who are based in Auraria in order to provide the fastest response time possible in the event of an emergency. Even when campus is closed, Auraria police remain on-duty.

ACPD Chief of Police Michael J. Phibbs implores students to be acutely aware of this resource. “Program the Auraria Police as a contact in your phone,” Phibbs said, citing that a call to 911 made from a cell phone will connect students first to the DPD, which wastes valuable time.

Dialing 911 from any campus phone—including emergency phones marked by red signage within buildings and tall red call boxes outdoors— will immediately contact the ACPD and result in an officer’s dispatch.

The ACPD facilitates non-emergent resources as well. If students believe themselves to be at risk of domestic violence or stalking, they can request an escort to guide them to their classes.

At night, the Auraria Campus offers the NightRider shuttle service, which will pick up students and take them directly to their cars.

Timely Warnings are sent through text and email to alert students and faculty of possible threats on campus. Follow-up messages are delivered once threats are resolved.

Students are automatically enrolled to receive these alerts; parents can opt-in to the system by attaching their phone numbers to their children’s campus accounts.

Videos detailing Aurarias-pecific procedures in the event of active shootings, severe weather, and more are available on the Auraria Higher Education Center’s website.

Auraria Campus Police Department

ACPD Emergency Dispatch: (303)-556-5000


Safety Tips

Safety Videos

—Taylor Kirby

Above: Joshua Bode is a trained police officer with ACPD.

photo: Jeff Hawkins • CU Denver Sentry

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