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Greek Musical Odyssey – Bouzouki Kings | FM

When you’re in the midst of studying, you want to listen to music that isn’t too distracting. Albums without lyrics not only make studying a little more enjoyable, but let you escape at the times you’re dozing off.

Bouzouki Kings’ Greek Musical Odyssey is that perfect album for those looking for an alternative to pop, country, or indie music. The Greek musicians have been active in the music industry for the past six years, delivering authentic Greek sounds to the ears of many. Almost the entire album is sans lyrics, which is why it’s so beneficial. One can easily focus on a task without being distracted by lyrics or an over-emotional singer. This album is painless, and though there is only one song with lyrics, it won’t hurt given there’s 25 tracks total.

“Zorba the Greek” is the perfect track to focus to. The music starts off slow, but climaxes quickly by the bouzouki and the lyre—a stringed instrument similar to the guitar. One can imagine running on the cobblestones of Santorini, Greece, swept away by the sounds of the ocean and the rusting, bright houses.

The clarinet and mandolin make “Ta Lemonadika,” “Aponi Zoi,” and “Dari Dari” soothing, so it’s easy to bob your head to them.

Greek Musical Odyssey is really an escape, and a perfect album to listen to while studying, especially when one gets tired of listening to the likes of Pitbull or Coldplay.

—Dilkush Khan

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