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Best Album for Venting Rage

Violence ViolenceCeremony | Malfuncton

Ceremony is a west coast-based punk and hardcore band, and are the epitome of the pure angst and loathing that dwells within us all.

Their premier album, Violence Violence, was released in 2006. It is the quintessential album for anyone trudging through campus with a feeling of disdain for everything and everyone around them when they just want to get to their next class.

The album begins with a gradual build-up, through the almost-soothing plucking of guitars on the first track. “Violence” is easily dismissible as the work of a meager indie band before the track dives head first into ferocious vocals and merciless guitars.

The album as a whole functions in a harmonious cacophony of Ross Farrar’s relentless lyrics and Anthony Anzaldo’s steady guitar chords, repetitive like an anthem for antipathy.

Running only 20 minutes in its entirety, the album has a malleable variability, shifting from droning tracks to hum along with, to their signature dread-ridden songs, which almost make you want to punch the next person that gets in your way.

The title of Ceremony’s first album is appropriate for its style as well as how it makes you feel. Violence Violence is the perfect album to vicariously assuage one’s aggression. With Farrar’s brutal vocals and the band’s fast-paced instrumentals, it’s like destroying everyone and everything around you when you really want to but can’t.

—Sarai Nissan

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