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Daily Archives: March 22, 2016

Stay Connected with Student Orgs

GETTING INVOLVED IMPROVES COLLEGE EXPERIENCE The Office of Student Life is a helpful resource for any student looking to be involved on campus or make new friends. With approximately 130 active student organizations, growing by about 30 each semester, there are many ways for students

Student Government’s System

GET TO KNOW YOUR STUDENT REPRESENTATION Just like how citizens are encouraged to understand and be involved in how the American government represents its people, it’s good to understand how CU Denver students are represented by their own Student Government Association. The SGA is made

State of the University (Orientation 2016)

How about a round of applause for our upcoming freshman class, who are attending orientation at this rainywindy- sunny-cloudy, highs in the 70s time of year. For those of you who don’t know, it’s around this time in the Spring semester that Student Government is

How to Stay Safe on Campus

By addressing concerns all universities face in addition to the challenges borne from being situated in a major urban center, CU Denver and the larger Auraria Campus take special care to ensure the safety of its students. Most unique to this tri-institutional campus is the

Live Music for All, Even Under-Aged

FOR FRESHMAN, 18-AND-UP VENUES ARE A MUST Music is a driving force in the connections that human beings are able to make. Since Denver has dug its own little niche in the music scene, there are a slew of prominent venues that cater to every

Best Album for Venting Rage

Violence Violence – Ceremony | Malfuncton Ceremony is a west coast-based punk and hardcore band, and are the epitome of the pure angst and loathing that dwells within us all. Their premier album, Violence Violence, was released in 2006. It is the quintessential album for

Know Your Professors

BONDING WITH PROFESSORS IMPORTANT Professors matter. They matter even after final grades are given, or if they’ve just handed you back the harshest critique you’ve ever received on an assignment. When it comes time to consider the post-grad “real-world” or possible next steps in higher

Take a Breather in the Relaxation Room

TOOLS TO REMEDY STRESS, ANXIETY, AND MORE Mindfulness is the most powerful skill a student could master their freshman year with the copious amounts of tasks that are developed each and every day. A clear head is more productive, happier, and healthier. That’s why the

On the Record With Raul (Orientation 2016)

One thing people know about me is that I love Commencement. At CU Denver we begin with the end in mind, and are totally devoted to getting our students to that graduation finish line as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We consider this New Student


When I started college, everything was new and scary. At least, that’s how I felt—I internalized those feelings completely. Instead, I acted with confidence, as though trying to make new friends in giant lecture halls didn’t scare me. I can say now though, that everything