On the Record with Raul (March 2016)

If I’m truthful, I’ve got to admit I’m more than a little jealous of all of you who are headed off on Spring Break! Some of you will travel to warmer climates, others will take advantage of our fabulous spring skiing conditions, while many will reflect and recharge by simply stepping back, slowing down, and taking a long deep breath. In all cases, you’ll be preparing for the final push to the end of the semester.

Internship guidance

One thing I like to remind students about during this Spring Break time of year, is that even though you’re away, campus and campus services remain open. In addition to taking a break, this is a great time to do a little preparing for what’s down the road. If you haven’t lined up an internship yet, the Experiential Learning Center (ELC) and its terrific staff will be keeping regular office hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The ELC tells me they will run their regular workshop schedule and have plenty of appointments available, so you’ll be sure to avoid the rush. This is also a good time to finish up that Research and Creative Activities Symposium (RaCAS) presentation submission you’ve been putting off. The deadline’s right around the corner on April 1.

Career guidance

The Career Center is another good Spring Break destination. For all of you who are graduating this spring, now’s the time to get a jump on those full-time career jobs you’ve been dreaming about. The Career Center staff has appointments available and will be standing by all through the break with resume advice and review, and everything else you need to be prepared for those big interviews. The Career Center can also assist with your search for part-time work or a summer job and will be open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Social Impact Panel: Careers for Change

Of course, there are many things to look forward to when you return from break—and I don’t just mean final projects and final exams! In response to student requests, the Career Center, the ELC, and Student Life’s Community Engagement staff are partnering to present a social impact career panel on April 13 from 12:15 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Tivoli Turnhalle. The Social Impact Panel is intended for students searching for a career that will allow them to make a difference. Many of the students and alumni I meet seem to be looking for more than a job or a major. They’re looking for a mission and meaning in career options that balance purpose and profit. If you’re looking for those same things, I encourage you to attend the Social Impact Panel: Careers for Change presentation to discover how you can work and study purposefully and create a career path that impacts lives. As an added incentive, I’m told there’ll be free cookies and coffee!

Your vote counts

Another thing to look forward to when you return to campus is our annual CU Denver election season. You will have Student Government Association officers and representatives to elect plus referendums and Auraria Campus initiatives to vote on. It’s sometimes difficult to see how your one vote can make a difference, but recent measures initiated, voted on and approved by students have changed the face of our university forever. The CU Denver Wellness Center will be built because of students. CU Denver now offers club sports because of the student vote. And, Milo the Lynx was born thanks to student support. I urge you to vote and make your voice heard. It’s important. The future look and feel of CU Denver is in your hands. Online voting will be open April 11 through April 15.

Relax and Recharge

So, enjoy your break. We’ll be here with support services while you’re gone and will be ready to welcome you when you return. And, a quick reminder that you’re always welcome to schedule a time to come in and talk with me directly. My terrific Executive Assistant Bonnie Hixson is scheduling 15 minute sessions. Just confirm your appointment with her at bonnie.hixson@ucdenver.edu or (303) 315-2110. Let’s make this a great end to the semester!

Raul Cardenas


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—Raul Cardenas

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