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COFFEE PLEASE: It’s Time for a Break

Spring Break is next week, and I could not be more ready for a week-long vacation.

The typical Spring Break for college students is to find a beach somewhere and drink all the stress away. I have never had that experience, but I will find some way to relieve the stress of the semester this Spring Break.

This semester has been my busiest one yet. From my new position here at the Sentry and taking five classes, two of which are exit courses, I am more than ready for some much-needed time off. I am not the only busy student on this campus and we all have worked hard for several days of no classes.

Finding time for self care throughout the semester can be a difficult task.

This will give me time to catch up with friends and hang out with my family and not feel guilty that I should be doing homework. Finding the time for self-care throughout the semester can be a difficult task. From juggling the various classes we are taking, work, and a social life, this time in our lives is never easy. We often put ourselves on the back burner. Spring Break is the time for us to heal.

The light at the end of the tunnel comes once mid-March hits and it seems as if this whole going-to-school business is doable. Spring Break marks the halfway point, and it is sink or swim for the rest of the semester. Although it feels rather scary, this time off is meant for us to recharge so we can finish the final descent into our classes.

We are coming into the final stretch of the semester. I can’t believe that my junior year of college is almost over.

My days of getting excited for Spring Break are coming to an end and next year will possibly be my last Spring Break as a student. It all depends if I will get a Master’s degree or not, which is still to be determined, but for now I am cherishing the Spring Break anticipation.

—Morgan Mackey

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