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Spring Break, I’m calling your name. Please answer, as soon as possible.

It’s almost here: The weeklong academic break, that summer vacation teaser, which hits CU Denver at the end of March. For some, Spring Break offers nothing more than incentive to pick up extra shifts at work. For others, those five week days will be the perfect opportunity for sleeping in and staying in, paired perfectly with pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream and caramel chocolate bars. Mine will feature my favorite thing—spending time with my family.

There’s so much to do, and very little time.

Living 200 miles away from my parents—and three cuddly dogs—is hard. Some weeks it’s harder than others, especially when the stresses of being a young adult—juggling school, work, and a comma-less bank account—all join forces to create one giant, overwhelming struggle. Sometimes, I’d do just about anything for one of my dad’s famous deep-dish cookies, served in a steaming pan with scoops of vanilla ice cream on top.

I’m fortunate enough to get to travel with my mom over break, to one of our traditional girls-trip spots, Santa Fe, NM. We have plans to soak at a relaxing hot springs, walk through the historic downtown plaza, and indulge on our favorite foods— sopapillas and Christmas-style red-and-green chili. All I need to do is make it there.

Between now and Spring Break, I have several tests, papers, projects, and assignments for every class. I’ve got Sentry meetings to attend, pages to design, and editing to do. Adulting calls as well—it’s time to do my dishes, find a place to live for next year, and eat that loaf of bread before it gets moldy. There’s so much to do, and very little time.

But the truth is beautiful: We’re so close. Not only is Spring Break perfectly in our sights, but the end of the semester is nearby too.

As I cram for these upcoming exams and cross out items from my to-do list, I’ll try to look beyond this week, and even the next. Remember, in between fantasies of travel or complete introversion, to finish what’s left. And finish strong.

—Savannah Nelson

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