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Student Life Hosts First Trivia Night


Cheers and laughter escaped the Tivoli Starbucks on Tuesday evening, where students were enthusiastically waving their pieces of paper in the air and participating in trivia amid coffee beans and grinders.

Student Life Event Coordinator Joshua Blair held the first trivia night on Feb. 23. This event is the first of many to occur on the last Tuesday of every month, with hopes of involving more students outside of academia. “We try to reach out to students and get more people to come to the events,” Blair said.

For the first trivia night, 10 students sat comfortably on chairs with paper and pencils in hand, as MC Asa Erlendson asked questions from four different categories—“Late night jams,” “Goal,” “Wildcard,” and “Calling all fandoms.” Erlendson had infectious energy and a connection with Blair because of their involvement in the Bovine Metropolis Improv group.

The rounds started off easy—so simple that some players didn’t have to think twice with questions like, “Who played during the halftime show at the 49th Super Bowl?” However, as the rounds progressed, questions became trickier, causing several people to stop and talk among their teammates before coming up with the answer. Questions like, “Who has had the most Oscar nominations,” had a different answer than players expected.

Every person walking into the coffee shop immediately noticed the trivia crowd, and some even joined in on the fun, which added to the energetic and competitive atmosphere.

Blair modeled the event like a traditional trivia night, which is typically held in a bar. “We wanted to make something of a similar feel where students can grab drinks and have a nice place to sit down,” Blair said.

Trivia Night is one way in which Blair hopes to promote awareness for events outside of academics, and get more students to participate in campus activities. “Getting them outside their comfort zone allows them to have new experiences,” Blair said. “It’s so that students have a reason to be here aside from school—to make new friends, make new stories, and have greater experiences.”

CU Denver student Rae Migliorini participated in the all-ages fun, and is active in the community. “It helps with socializing with people,” Migliorini said. “It makes the campus a bit smaller and makes things fun on campus.”

Based on the response from participants on trivia night, Blair sees the program growing and becoming an even bigger event. “They seem to really enjoy it,” Blair said. “This would be a good tradition for students.”

Office of Student Life

Tivoli #303

Joshua Blair: email

Trivia Night at Tivoli Starbucks held on the last Tuesday of the month.

5–7 p.m.


—Dilkush Khan

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