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Rape Legalization a Backwards Idea


A neo-masculinist online group known as “Return of the Kings” (ROK) has been the source of controversy and antagonism caused by their ideals, and rightfully so. The group offered suggestions for the advancement of society earlier this year, through advocating the legalization of rape on private properties. This disgusting rhetoric is a detriment to women everywhere.

ROK began in 2012 as a self-proclaimed “men’s rights activist” group. They were founded by the antifeminist blogger “Roosh V,” Daryush Valizadeh. Valizadeh reportedly tried to use this forum to organize meetings in various cities across the world, for individuals of similar ideologies. These get-togethers, labeled “tribal meetings,” would be catered to individuals who believe in the legalization of rape.

Not only are these proclamations absurd and abominable, but the idea that there are “legions” of men who agree with this man is terrifying.

Valizadeh, who calls himself a “pick-up artist,” created this website under the logic that rape on private properties would serve as the solution to rape. Oh, and that women are biologically predisposed to follow the orders of men, obviously. Valizadeh and his supporters hold beliefs that are vicious, sexist, and appalling.

The creator of ROK is as shallow as he is ignorant, claiming that “Fat girls are simply unattractive so why should we waste time dating a fat chick?” His opinions have been widely recognized for being hateful and misogynistic but it is shocking to see the rallies of men that come to see him speak. Sheep flock to him, in herds of woman-hating scum.

One of ROK’s twisted beliefs is that when women come out as rape victims or victims of any sexual assault—because it is really just a breeze to open up about physical violation— while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it’s a woman’s mere reaction to her own “regret,” rather than being unable to rightfully consent to an act that generally should involve two explicitly consenting individuals.

Although Valizadeh articulates the idea that, by making rape illegal, society has cultured women to “neglect” the protection of their bodies, as they would “their phone or purse,” it is only viable to men who want to rape women. And thus, there lies the flaw in his argument.

The absurdity of ROK’s comments are tied to the idea that the legalization of rape will in fact end rape. Compare this statement to something less atrocious: For example, saying the legalization of smoking marijuana will end smoking marijuana. Obviously, that is not the case.

There is nothing beneficial about ROK or their platform. People who desire to have non-consensual sex, free of repercussions, clearly have some sort of bigoted and warped misconceptions about equality and sexuality.

—Sarai Nissan

illustration: Madalyn Drewno  • CU Denver Sentry

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