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Prateek Bhadsavle


As soon as the Sentry walked in, the first thing Business Statistics Lecturer and Graduate student Prateek Bhadsavle did was offer sweets that he brought from the Middle East, from one of the 33 countries he’s travelled to.

Hospitality, he noted, is part of Bhadsavle’s Indian culture. Bhadsavle is originally from Mumbai, India, but lived in Pune for most of his life. He attended Pune University, one of the most prestigious schools in India, where he obtained his degree in mechanical engineering.

“I’m extremely passionate about what I do and students are a testimony to that.”

Prateek Bhadsavle

Business Statistics Lecturer | University of Colorado Denver Business School

After graduating, he travelled to Europe, including France, Germany, and Scandinavia. He also lived in the Middle East for three years for work, where he worked in technical sales and marketing.

“Adjusting was not very easy,” Bhadsavle said. “I was based in one city but I travelled to others for work.”

Bhadsavle has been on the move since he was 21 years old, and hasn’t been back home to Mumbai in two years.

“I miss being with my parents and my brother,” Bhadsavle said. “It’s been the story of my life for the past 10 years, so I’m used to it. There are small things here and there that I miss that you can only find in your city, and it’s the food.”

Although Bhadsavle visited America before, he had wanted to move to a place where he could balance work and personal life, and enjoy it.

“I like being close to nature,” Bhadsavle said. “I love the water here. I had heard that people here were very friendly and nice, and it’s been proven right.”

Handling work life and his academics can be challenging, but Bhadsavle has had more positive experiences than negative experiences.

“It’s enriching, in terms of expanding my network,” Bhadsavle said. “Interacting with students is awesome, and teaching once is like learning thrice.”

Bhadsavle first visited the US in 2009, two years after he earned his undergraduate degree. The first thing he had noticed here was how big the nation was.

“It’s three and half times India’s landmass,” Bhadsavle said. “There’s a lot of cultural diversity within this subculture. I think what strikes me most is that this country is a democracy in the true sense of the word. You’re truly free.”

When comparing the US and Indian educational system, Bhadsavle immediately notes the one thing that separates the school systems.

“This country puts a lot of power in the hands of its people,” Bhadsavle said. “In India, if a class is going on, you can’t challenge your teacher. Students are more expressive here. Communication is more transparent and open.”

Although Bhadsavle claims to face little to no obstacles when tackling both school and work life, he does admit how much his students mean to him.

“I really miss my students on the weekends when I’m not teaching them,” Bhadsavle said. “I’m extremely passionate about what I do and students are testimony to that.”

After Bhadsavle graduates, he will most likely move to Canada, where his fiancé lives. If not, he has places in mind for future travel. “I want to go to Mexico,” Bhadsavle said. “I want to have real Mexican food.”

—Dilkush Khan

Above: Prateek Bhadsavle is a lecturer and graduate student at CU Denver.

photo: Nicole Elizabeth • CU Denver Sentry

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