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Daily Archives: March 9, 2016

More Students Active in IEC Program

STUDENTS LEARN ABOUT CULTURES WITH CERTIFICATE A simple idea to get students more involved with other cultures has successfully evolved into the the Intercultural Engagement Certificate, which was created for students, by students. In order to earn the certificate, a student must attend five cultural

Rape Legalization a Backwards Idea

ONLINE FORUM IN BAD TASTE A neo-masculinist online group known as “Return of the Kings” (ROK) has been the source of controversy and antagonism caused by their ideals, and rightfully so. The group offered suggestions for the advancement of society earlier this year, through advocating

Feed the Need Annual Food Drive

FUNDRAISER FOR CU DENVER FOOD PANTRY When students are constantly on the move to attend lectures, events, meetings for clubs and organizations, arrive for their shifts at their part time job, or get home to attend to their families, finding the time and the money

Isis Books Terrorized by Americans

LOCAL BOOKSTORE RECIPIENT OF MISPLACED ANGER A Denver bookstore has been vandalized five times in the last year after being confused with the terrorist group of the same name. Goddess Isis Books and Gifts has sold its offerings of metaphysical texts, crystals, and international collections

Prateek Bhadsavle

BHADSAVLE ENJOYS TEACHING AND TRAVEL As soon as the Sentry walked in, the first thing Business Statistics Lecturer and Graduate student Prateek Bhadsavle did was offer sweets that he brought from the Middle East, from one of the 33 countries he’s travelled to. Hospitality, he

Student Life Hosts First Trivia Night

TIVOLI STARBUCKS IS SCENE FOR FUN AND GAMES Cheers and laughter escaped the Tivoli Starbucks on Tuesday evening, where students were enthusiastically waving their pieces of paper in the air and participating in trivia amid coffee beans and grinders. Student Life Event Coordinator Joshua Blair

United Crushers by Poliça (Mom + Pop Music)

Since their start in 2011, Poliça—comprised of Channy Leaneagh on vocals and synthesizer, and producer Ryan Olson, along with a few more members for live shows—has taken electronic music in unique directions. March 4 saw the release of their third album, United Crushers. The album

FREE VERSE: Whale Sounds It Is

Once again, in my last year of college, I find myself at midterms asking, “How does this work, again?” It’s hard, and I hate it, but in the end, it’s the life I chose and I’m learning not to further punish myself for feeling the

Celebrating the Death of an Enemy: Yes or No?

Every person is a complex human being. We all have feelings, thoughts, families, friends, childhoods, beliefs, and everything else that every other person experiences. Even if someone is controversial, that does not mean their death should lack respect. They couldn’t see past their own opinions.

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Staff Picks 3/9: Ode to Midterms

“Wedding” –  Poliça Poliça’s newest album, United Crushers, is a great set of songs to put on a pot of coffee, break out the books, and have a good old fashioned study session to. The album’s track, “Wedding” combines the perfect amount of mesmeric synthesizers