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Daily Archives: March 9, 2016

Full Circle by Loretta Lynn (Legacy)

Loretta Lynn’s newest album Full Circle, released March 4, starts with grainy audio as Lynn describes the first song she ever wrote. “It was ‘Whispering Sea,’ I think,” says Lynn, explaining that the inspiration came from a simple need to put a full-length album together.

Type Adds Dimensions to MATTER

RICK GRIFFITH DABBLES IN STUDIO AND TEACHING MATTER is a studio where printing supplies line nearly every wall. Letters— block letters, letters packaged as puzzles, pieces of paper covered in words and sentences, both sensical and non—litter the area; it’s the true mark of an

FROM THE EDITOR: Day for Women

Before CU Denver, I was a proud student at Fort Lewis College. Say what you want about Fort Leisure—I mean Fort Loser—I mean Snort Lewis—it was fun. And it was wholly unique in terms of settings, sitting quietly on top of a plateau overlooking the

Old-School Games: a Nickel at a Time

NICKEL-A-PLAY IS A MEDIOCRE DELIGHT Nickel-A-Play is a great place to spend some inexpensive but quality time with friends or family. With more than 20 free-to-play games, including “Ms. Pacman” and “Galaga,” it is possible to spend an entire night in this old-school arcade for

Succinct but Psychedelic Sounds

HI-DIVE SHOW RAISES MONEY FOR YOUTH ON RECORD Amid low lights cast on black concrete walls, succinct but psychedelic sounds trickled from the stage of The Hi-Dive on South Broadway. It may have been your average crawling-with-hipsters venue when Eldren took the stage that night,

COFFEE PLEASE: Photographing Dementia

For the photography class I am taking, our next project is designed to tell a story. We have to take several images and choose a handful to tell a sequential story. I’m choosing to tell the story of Dementia. My grandpa was diagnosed with Dementia

George Fest by George Harrison (HOT/VAGRANT)

George Fest, released Feb. 26, is a collection of 26 live performances during a George Harrison tribute concert and fundraiser from 2014. A diverse gathering of artists including Norah Jones, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Brian Wilson, and The Flaming Lips interpreted Harrison’s songs from both his

99 Cents by Santigold (Atlantic Records)

“Got so much flavor, put me on the buffet,” are some of Santigold’s lyrics from her third LP 99 Cents. Released on Feb. 26, the album features heavy experimentation that will leave listeners in an array of diverse genres such as electro, reggae, and indie

Finding Education in Festival Realm

CAM STUDENTS CONNECT AT SXSW MUSIC FESTIVAL This year, six students from the College of Arts and Media have been selected to attend the annual South By Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas. The festival, now reaching its 29th year, features a vast array of


We’re living in uncharted waters, in frightening times. Everywhere I turn, it’s becoming clear that the single-most precious ingredient for human life is slowly fading away: Compassion. On Facebook, I see political posts daily. While I commend the people in my life for evading political