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Ritualcravt has been a coveted online shop for witches and curiosity-hunters alike. Since early 2015 of Samhain, or Halloween to the layman, the owner opened a storefront on the outskirts of Denver’s burgeoning, trendy Highlands area. Its subtle placement among the artisanal butcher shops and chic restaurants is fitting for the small space that seems to emit an energy of tranquil genuinity.

“Ritualcravt began as a natural extension of my own personal path seeking,” said Missy Rhysing, owner of the metaphysical shop. “I have been a tattooer for 15 years and, while I have been quite successful with it, I’ve always known it was not my calling.”

Ritualcravt’s own mission statement declares they carry “metaphysical and witchy wares for the conscientious practitioner.” They pride themselves on their bones, gems, crystals, pelts, and other metaphysical talismans being sourced ethically, and all naturally cleansed. The shop’s focus is on coveting a sanctuary for those who wish to acquire items for their personal practice or are perhaps just interested in its inherent mystery.

There are many metaphysical shops that linger in Denver, but none that pay the same attention to detail and take the same amount of care the Rhysing does at Ritualcravt. “I was inspired to do this work because I became frustrated going to metaphysical stores and finding items made in China, unethically sourced animal items, mass-produced ritual tools,” Rhysing said. “I wanted a deeper connection with the provisions I use in my practice and I simply cannot make every item I use. I longed for a space where I could go and select items made by witches, for witches.”

Upon entering the small shop, it is almost overwhelming to see such curious and enticing objects scattered throughout. The brick and mortar carries guidebooks on candle magick and how to conduct your own seance. Among handbooks on metaphysics, they also purvey candles, incense, body oils, and lotions from brands like Lvnea and Black Bird. Ritualcravt carries the typical necessities for any practicing witch such as crystals and candles, but they also have a case filled with jewelry cast from real bones, curious little seeds called “a devil’s pod,” and a slew of mystifying antiques.

Along with their endless handbooks and oddities, the shop hosts classes on ritual magic to cleanse your household and to procure your own oils. Because of the stifling winter and the lack of flowers to use, Ritualcravt assures that this spring far more events will follow.

Ritualcravt is certainly one of its kind in Denver—the shop is very carefully and lovingly curated. Every visit is different by uncovering new and unusual items each day they open for business. Evolving from an online shop to a brick and mortar is challenging, but rewarding. “The experience has been lovely,” Rhysing said. “The community in Denver is shifting right now: People are moving into a spiritual awakening and are seeking. I have met the most wonderful people online and in the storefront, and the community keeps responding that this space was needed. I enjoy this work and I believe if you do things as your most authentic self, you cannot go wrong.”


4036 Tejon St.

(303) 458-1459


Wed–Sat: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Sun: 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

—Sarai Nissan

Above: Ritualcravt sells bewitching artifacts to any aspiring transcendental practices

photo: Sarai Nissan • CU Denver Sentry

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