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Daily Archives: March 2, 2016

BookBar Hosts ‘Copper Nickel’ Editors

CU DENVER PROFS’ PROSE SERVED WITH GOOD SPIRITS Beside the narrow streets of Denver’s Berkeley neighborhood are various restaurants, bars, boutiques, and the BookBar—a wine bar and bookstore that many writers call home. On Feb. 20, CU Denver professors Nicky Beer and Wayne Miller hosted

COFFEE PLEASE: Unaffiliated Voters

Tuesday was Super Tuesday and, like all registered unaffiliated voters, I was not allowed to participate. To vote in a caucus, a person must be registered Republican or Democrat, and they then vote for the person who they would like to see as the final

Ritualcravt Accessorizes Practical Magic

FANTASTICAL ARTICLES ON SALE IN HIGHLANDS Ritualcravt has been a coveted online shop for witches and curiosity-hunters alike. Since early 2015 of Samhain, or Halloween to the layman, the owner opened a storefront on the outskirts of Denver’s burgeoning, trendy Highlands area. Its subtle placement

Exotic and Bizzare at MCA Denver

CU DENVER PROFESSOR’S ART AT WINTER OPENING The Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver is home to exotic, bizarre, intricate, and bright art, which doesn’t mean the art isn’t phenomenal. On Feb. 20, art lovers flocked to MCA to experience the premiere of the new

First Debate for Future CU Regents

REGENTS DEBATE FOR ELECTION BALLOT IN 2016 Candidates vying for the first Congressional District seat on the CU Board of Regents met on the CU Denver campus Feb. 16 to debate issues raised by students. Regent hopefuls Jack Kroll, Zach Rothmier, and Lucky Vidmar took

Clinton Campaign Stops in Denver

CAFECITO WITH CHELSEA CLINTON AND AMERICA FERRERA What began 25 years ago as a social gathering for Latina women in Denver to support one another in professional and social endeavours is now a nationally recognized cafecito bringing in some of the most influential women from

Social Slurs Have No Place in School

BEING ‘PC’ ISN’T THE ISSUE Social slurs do not belong in a classroom. When it comes to using a word that classifies a group of people as a negative adjective, it goes beyond hurting people’s feelings or going against political correctness. It continues to objectify

Empowerment through Sexuality: Yes or No?

The idea that women should should find empowerment in her sexuality has become so trite and flawed in current American culture that the words “female sexual empowerment” have completely lost all meaning. That kind of power isn’t all that positive. When you think of women

Storytelling Brought to Life in Tivoli

RED FEATHER WOMAN SHARES THROUGH SONG Rose Red Elk—also known as Red Feather Woman—brought her unique blend of storytelling and folk singing to the Auraria Campus for The Art Of Storytelling. Her songs, based on Native American ideals, reflected the stories that she recited. The


We live in an age of fraud. I don’t mean to be dramatic or repeat a bunch of meaningless taglines, but it’s true that nowadays value is only skin-deep. It’s a lesson learned over time—nothing is what it seems to be. I understand why everyone