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Monthly Archives: February 2016

COFFEE PLEASE: Two Words-Donald Trump

I’ve been trying hard to not write every column about Donald Trump, but I feel now is the appropriate time to bring up the subject. I thought this whole Trump mishap was going to just be a few months of memes and laughter, but it


When opportunities arise, it’s wise to take them. Last Friday, Feb. 19, Editor in Chief Madi Bates and I seized one helluva chance to pursue the interview of our student journalist dreams. We attended a cafecito, with guest speakers Chelsea Clinton and America Ferrara. In

FROM THE EDITOR: Tivoli Haunts

There are a lot of late nights working for a newspaper, almost infamously. You picture a darkened newsroom filled with the sound of anxious chatter, clicking computers, and shuffling papers. At the Sentry, we hear more than the typical noises late at night when we

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Staff Picks 2/17: Achy Breaky Hearts

“Roses” – Abra “Roses” doesn’t talk about a pretty end to love. It’s about a lover who accepts that some flings are bound to end, that they don’t have the “green thumb” to make love work. Against all this aching and disappointed acceptance, a 90’s

On the Record with Raul (Feb. 2016)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got to say I like the new name and new focus of our student newspaper. Starting last month, following input from students, the Advocate is now the CU Denver Sentry featuring more campus-based news and information. The re-branding