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Love Your Melon Comes to Campus


The Love Your Melon team at CU Denver is a new and evolving charity that students and Denverites alike can support through buying those products.

Love Your Melon is an apparel brand that use colleges and universities to sell their product by having Love Your Melon “teams.” CU Denver is the latest team dedicated to the Love Your Melon brand. Love Your Melon sells a wide variety of products. The most popular items are beanies, but they also sell ball caps, tank tops, tshirts, and coffee mugs. Each beanie costs $30 and the proceeds go towards helping give a beanie to each child with cancer.

“Our products sell out very fast, so there is a pre-order system setup so that everyone can have the chance to purchase a Love Your Melon product,” said Ellie Laughlin, the leader of CU Denver’s Love Your Melon team.

Each team earns credit through product sales, which go towards a positive experience for children with cancer. “We receive a credit for every unit sold,” Laughlin said. “If we sell 100 units then we get to visit the child and their families and are able to bring them a beanie that they can wear during their treatment.”

Laughlin became interested in this charity after discovering Love Your Melon online. “I came across the cause on Facebook and wanted to purchase a beanie,” Laughlin said. “When you go to the site and are checking out, you can click at the bottom on the ‘support team’ and I noticed that CU Denver didn’t have a team. I wanted to be a part of it since it’s such a great cause. Love Your Melon wasn’t like other charities where you aren’t sure where the proceeds are going. It was very transparent so we started our team here.”

One of the biggest challenges facing this new campus organization is informing the student body. “It’s difficult to get the word out on the CU Denver campus, just because it is a commuter campus,” said Dessa Clemenson, a Love Your Melon team member. “It’s kind of hard not having a traditional campus because there aren’t football games you can table at or sororities that have a large media presence who can spread the word. But we have a lot of social media accounts that people can follow or like and support us that way.”

Although it has been difficult to sometimes gain support, Love Your Melon has still found a following. “People are really supportive of this cause because it helps children with cancer and many people know someone or they themselves have gone through cancer,” Laughlin said. “We want to create a sense of community and rally behind kids who are fighting for their lives,” Laughlin said.

Love Your Melon


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—Ashley Bauler

Above: The CU Denver Love Your Melon team supports children battling cancer.

photo: Ashley Bauler • CU Denver Sentry

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