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COFFEE PLEASE: Two Words-Donald Trump

I’ve been trying hard to not write every column about Donald Trump, but I feel now is the appropriate time to bring up the subject.

I thought this whole Trump mishap was going to just be a few months of memes and laughter, but it seems now we have found ourselves in an actual potential crisis on our hands.

Trump is not just succeeding with the Republican polls; he is dominating them. His hatred and bigotry is, for whatever reason, working. It sickens me to think that people resonate with what he has to say.

Trump’s strategies to “Make America Great Again” will push our progress back several decades. I don’t see anything remotely redeeming about his campaign. He only wants to serve a specific group of Americans and on the weekly insults the rest of the groups that make up our nation.

Millennials have more voting power and could decide and election

Historically, the US has not always had this squeaky-clean image that seems to only be taught in public schools. What was so great about America giving Native Americans smallpox blankets, having racial segregation within our communities, or Japanese internment camps after World War II hysteria? Those are real things that have happened in America that we seem to forget about when the notion of making America great again comes up.

When I get on Facebook, there is always something new and insulting that has come out of Trump’s mouth. I never thought that would get him very far in the election but I have been wrong—very wrong. There is a strong group of people who are rallying behind him and showing up in the polls to cast their votes.

Millennials have more voting power and could decide an election if we rally together to take a political stand against Trump. He may very well be the Republican candidate in the 2016 president election. If he does, we as a nation cannot let him become president.

—Morgan Mackey

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