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When opportunities arise, it’s wise to take them. Last Friday, Feb. 19, Editor in Chief Madi Bates and I seized one helluva chance to pursue the interview of our student journalist dreams. We attended a cafecito, with guest speakers Chelsea Clinton and America Ferrara.

In lieu of an editorial meeting with the wonderful Sentry staff, Madi and I stood in mmm…Coffee!, against a wall, amid a crowd of eager Hillary Clinton fans. We scribbled frantically as the famous pair spoke on behalf of the 2016 Presidential candidate, found a friendly CU Denver student to chat with, and exchanged excited looks as we listened to two amazing, well-spoken women.

A few days prior, I agreed to attend, despite knowing little about the cafecito and grappling with my objectivity toward covering such a political event. This became one of my best decisions.

After the crowd-packed presentation, Madi and I were ushered into a small, intimate space for press. Chelsea Clinton was front-and-center, pregnant and kind as ever —extending her hand to each of us. Accepting her handshake was elating; smiling back at her was reassuring. In a thrilling instant, I found my rightful place as a journalist.

It was in the moment following, however, when inspiration fully transcended. It took a brief scan of the room to realize that Madi and I were the only female journalists—the other eight people with their recording devices and prepared questions were men. They were older, established, authoritative, men.

And we were right there with them.

This was my defining moment. I was living my dream— as a student, a woman, and a journalist—taking in the scene with every notepad scribble. By my side, another student, woman, and journalist—and one extraordinary boss—was fulfilling her dreams, too.

Next week, you can read about the Clinton cafecito in our News section. Until then, remember to take the chances you find, and run with them. You’ll be happy—inspired, motivated, stimulated—that you did.

—Savannah Nelson

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