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COFFEE PLEASE: Valentine’s Day

This past Sunday was Valentine’s Day and like most people in a relationship, I celebrated with my sweet pea.

We wanted to keep it simple this year and not go over the top with Valentine’s festivities. We decided to take a little road trip to Idaho Springs for the day, and so did everyone else. We stayed in town for lunch then headed home. Although our initial plan was a bust, it was nice to spend the rest of the day eating too much chocolate and watching movies.

A low-key Valentine’s Day should be the normal celebration. Sure, I love getting dressed up and going out for a nice dinner, but that can happen any day of the year. A nice date does not have to wait until Feb. 14.

Take your sweetheart out for a ‘just because’ date.

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day because of its commercial aspect. It sounds completely anti-establishment, but loving someone happens year-round.

Take your sweetheart out for a ‘just because’ date. The date will feel more sincere because it wasn’t a social pressure to go out on a designated day.

My partner and I have been together almost two years now, and our spontaneous adventures have always turned out to be some of my favorite memories.

When you plan for weeks on what to do for Valentine’s Day, it sets expectations high for a day that is going to be jam-packed with every other couple in the city trying to have the same experience you are having.

And if you’re single on Valentines Day, there is nothing to worry about. There’s nothing wrong with being single on a silly holiday. Valentine’s Day does not need to define who you are as a person. Use this holiday as a reason to spoil yourself. Go out and do something because you want to and not because this consumer holiday told you to spend it with someone special. You are that someone special.

As for us, Valentine’s Day ended in the best way possible. We ordered Cosmos pizza, did some homework, and went into a mini sugar coma.

—Morgan Mackey

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