Starting with just a taco and a dream, Torchy’s Tacos has expanded since its Texas opening in 2006 to over 30 locations, with no sign of stopping. The most recently opened location is right here in Denver, at Broadway and 11th Avenue.

The new store is bright and welcoming, with employees excited and eager to please. Each taco on the menu is expertly crafted, guaranteeing a dish to satisfy almost any set of taste buds, no matter the time of day. Morning hunger can be satisfied with any of their delicious breakfast tacos. Beyond the tacos, Torchy’s offers an array of sides, chips and dips, and eats and treats.

To start with, the chips and green chile queso ($5.25) are sure to please. The thin and crispy tortilla chips coated in warm, gooey cheese is a taste sensation not to be missed. The green chile and guacamole incorporated into the queso deepens the flavor by adding elements of spice and texture.

While there are no wrong taco choices at Torchy’s, there are some that stand out from the others. The Trailer Park ($3.75) is a combination of fried chicken, green chiles, lettuce, pico de gallo, and cheese. It is served on a flour tortilla with poblano sauce. The mingling of flavors and textures leaves the taste buds craving more. If this taco doesn’t sound delicious enough already, “get it trashy.” Getting it trashy is the Torchy’s term for removing the lettuce and replacing it with queso, and who doesn’t love more queso?

Another standout is the Crossroads ($4.25). This taco contains smoked beef brisket with grilled onions, jalapeños, cilantro, jack cheese, and a slice of avocado, all served on a fresh corn tortilla with tomatillo sauce. This taco isn’t for the faint of heart as it is accompanied by quite a kick from the jalapeños and spices. But with a strong tongue and drink in hand, this taco is sure to satisfy.

To accompany the meal, any of Torchy’s Maine Root sodas ($2.25) is the perfect thirst-quencher. Handcrafted with organic cane sugar, these sodas are tasty and satisfying. Some of the natural choices include root beer and pink lemonade made with cactus juice.

Torchy’s bar offers a variety of tasty alcoholic beverages as well, including some Signature Sips, which are “Specially crafted for taco-junkie-taste-buds.”

Whether it is for a breakfast bite before work, a tasty lunch, a dinner with friends, or a night on the town, Torchy’s is the place to go. As they say, they do serve some “damn good tacos.”

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