Just a Couple of Teens Growing Up

Young musicians, The Velveteers, are gaining fans in the Denver music scene.


Any good music tells a tale, and 2016 promises to be an exciting chapter for local gritty-rock band The Velveteers. The Boulder-grown band has been performing for a year and a half, and they’ve built up a fan-base that’s eager for more. Demi Demitro, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, told the Sentry about the stories that have woven themselves into the band’s unique music.

“I usually find myself writing about stories and people around me,” Demitro said. “I really pick up on what people say: little expressions and comments and sayings. I wonder about them and pick them up and put them into the song. I decide that if a song I’m writing doesn’t move me, then it won’t move anybody else.”

In keeping with the narrative of reflective songs, the band’s quirky name has a story of its own. “We came up with the name in a coffeeshop,” Demitro said. “We read through the entire dictionary and couldn’t find any words that stood out to us. We were reading a book of poetry in this coffeeshop, and we came across the word ‘velvet’, but we mispronounced it, and it came out ‘velveter’ or ‘velveteer.’ The name stuck.”

Demitro herself grew up immersed in Boulder’s music world—playing, listening, and attending the concerts of the major bands that came through—and the exposure shaped her into the distinctive voice and face of the gritty-rock group. “When I was growing up it was amazing getting to see bands like Rose Hill Drive from my hometown achieve their dreams, and it was inspiring to watch people doing what I wanted to do. and it was inspiring to watch people doing what I wanted to do,”Demitro said. “I knew I was going to be involved with music somehow, and The Velveteers was a natural move.”

The band has thrived in Denver, performing alongside other bands, gaining experience, and developing its style. “It was hard to get around at first because we were young,” Demitro said. “But we can get into most venues now and perform. It’s pretty good. We’re just teenagers. Everyone else on the Denver music scene is much older than we are, so everyone’s kind of been an older sibling to me, mentoring and giving advice and all. They’ve been really helpful.”

CU Denver rock enthusiasts can anticipate good things from The Velveteers in the coming months. “Fans can expect a lot of new music this year,” Demitro said. “Right now, we’re recording. I’m really excited for people to hear what we’re making. We’re going to SXSW in Austin. In April, we’ll playing a lot of local shows, and I’m hoping we’ll go on tour in the summer. We have a lot of cool projects coming out really soon, but I can’t say too much about them. They’re going to be good.”

To kickstart the new season, The Velveteers are releasing a new single in the coming weeks: a brand-new song called “Just Like the Weather.” The Velveteers are also performing at the Syntax Physic Opera on Friday, Feb. 5, at 8 p.m. alongside The Savage Blush.

—Elsa Peterson

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Above: Demi Demitro might be young, but she certainly knows her music.

photo courtesy Demi Demitro

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