FREE VERSE: I am a God, Right?

Reading through Kanye West’s and Wiz Khalifa’s recent Twitter feud (you know the one), I was reminded of something I almost forgot: I really, really need to find some Kanye-esque confidence.

The hip-hop star is known for his narcissistic comments. Whether it’s in an interview or over Twitter, Kanye can lay down some excessive self-love like no one I’ve ever witnessed.

“I am standing up and telling you that I am Andy Warhol. I am Shakespeare in the flesh!” is something that Kanye has said with the straightest of faces. So is, “I’m the number one rockstar on the planet!” and “I am a god!”

I, on the other hand, apologize profusely for things that aren’t my fault, I constantly second-guess myself, and when I get a compliment, I wonder what the joke is. Of course, if someone criticized my work as Wiz did of Kanye’s upcoming album Waves, I would probably give up my career saying, “Yes, yes, you’re right. I know nothing about waves!”

This self-assuredness is astounding.

Kanye, of course, reacted quite differently. Instead, he criticised Wiz’s work, girlfriend, and child (but not his pants because those are cool. #Wizwearscoolpants). He also did what he does best and, once again, reminded the world of his own greatness, saying that he’s the best that ever made music.

This self-assuredness is astounding and reaches a level that I have truly never seen before. While I find this amount of confidence laughable in its excessiveness, I can’t help but want some of it.

I was always taught that too much confidence was unbecoming, and I do agree with this to an extent. However, reaching a point of confidence that allows you to become convinced, fully, that you are a piece of divinity, seems kind of cool.

So I’ll be trying out the Kanye thing. You might see me walking around campus mumbling quietly, “I am a god. Hurry up with my damn massage,” and trying really hard not to feel bad about it.

—Mariah Taylor

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