Detour, a Denver-based artist and CU Denver alumni, creates art using vivacious techniques in order to provide a new experience for his subjects. He pulls from several influential musicians like Tupac and Miles Davis to create his own form of music-inspired art.

Detour’s art is vibrant and exudes a futuristic quality. The process of creating his unique pieces can only be described as never-before-seen. Detour paints his canvas using electric paint—a paint which conducts electricity—in order to connect the paintings to circuit boards that act as the touching point for the viewer.

From there, he collaborates with local musicians to imprint their sound into the painting using the aforementioned circuit board. For his Art & Decibels Collection, Detour has collaborated with musicians DJ Cavem, Big J Beats, FAST4WARD, Mikey Fresh, and DJ A-L, who act as the main working parts to each musical production imprinted in the work.

Each musician is a different cog in the artistic machine to create a cohesive piece of art. As the painter and mastermind behind the work, Detour uses the stylings of turntables, microphones, and keyboards to add an individual take on paintings. Detour was unavailable for comment but said on his YouTube video, “For me art is about bringing something dope into the world,” and that is exactly what he does.

The music and canvas composition creates a living painting that has never been seen before on this scale in the artistic realm. Each piece pulsates an extreme amount of originality that makes the viewer feel as if they are a part of something beyond simply staring at paint on a canvas.

Besides a new experience involving the heartbeat of music, Detour also paints radiant portraits of popular musicians, including Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, and Janelle Monae.

The portraits capture Detour’s flowing brush strokes, as the colors are so well blended it doesn’t look like the brush was ever lifted. The portraits are composed of acrylic paint on canvas with an analogous color schemes.

However, Detour wasn’t always a full-time artist. The 31-year-old has worked in communications and graphic design, but he says that his time living in Tanzania changed his life and that he came back to America with a clear vision of following his passions. The influence of his time in Tanzania is clearly reflected in the passion of his artwork.

The emerging artist has done extremely well for himself, earning rightful publicity with galleries throughout Denver, his own studio, interviews with major news outlets, and building a loyal clientele.

Detour’s story provides a narrative for innovation and a new age in the art world. He also demonstrates a high-functioning business model for marketing his art and keeping viewers interested. Detour’s story is an example of what is to come post-studying at CU Denver.

—Ashley Bauler


Instagram: @Detour303



Above: Detour captures portraits of music and musicians on canvas.

photo: Ashley Bauler • CU Denver Sentry

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