COFFEE PLEASE: It’s Called Being Friendly

I don’t usually like to call out the millennial generation for our flaws because each young generation had to deal with some amount of scrutiny from older generations, but there is one issue with millennials that needs to be fixed.

We have lost the ability to genuinely interact with others. We are either completely engaged in our phones or some other device and never really emotionally present in our everyday lives. People are often surprised when someone randomly starts a conversation with them. We are not using small talk to pass the time. If we have to wait for anything longer than 30 seconds we are immediately on our phones.

Just because I’m friendly doesn’t mean I’m flirting with you.

This leads to a more serious issue about the way friendly conversations have turned into the other person thinking that you are romantically interested in them. Just because I’m friendly doesn’t mean that I am flirting with you. Being nice to someone does not equate to swinging a phone number or a future date.

Suddenly, that simple conversation leaps from a friendly interaction to this person being somehow interested in more than just talking. This seems like a stretch to make.

I’m just a friendly person and I start conversations with strangers anywhere. I can be standing in a elevator or waiting in line. All simple day-today things, but because we are never mentally present, people are put off by small talk. Then small talk turns into an awkward interaction because now I feel like I gave that person the wrong idea.

Ladies, just because you are having a conversation with a male does not mean that you owe them anything. Gentlemen, the same goes for you. It is okay to just want to talk in-person with someone with innocent intent.

Online dating and interaction has done a number to people and their communication skills. We are so used to interacting online that it seems almost validating to have someone want to actually talk to you in person.

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