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As an anxious person, I’ve found that the best way to evade non-stop panic and stress is through creativity. The past few weeks have been dedicated to a search for a stable imaginative outlet—adult coloring books, reorganization, and nail art have been utilized. However, one medium has been quintessential: positivity.

In my case, and for many others who deal with anxiety on a daily basis, sometimes being optimistic is a tough thing to do. Often, to be positive in a world of clouding doubts and judgements, one has to be a little creative. My resolve has been to pick out one positive thing from each day, and to focus on it before I drift off to sleep every night.

CU Denver has a student newspaper, and that is a gift.

At first, the positivity was painless to come by. The first night I was grateful for having my stolen car back in my possession, and the exercise seemed like a simple, easy-enough resolve. As I got back into the swing of my routine and all of my stolen paraphernalia had long been accounted for, I felt myself fall back into the challenges of daily positivity.

However, one thing always keeps me grounded: this newspaper. Working for the Sentry has provided me with so much to be grateful for. Each night I’ve fallen asleep to reminders of all that I’m able to learn, as a writer, editor, manager, and journalist.

CU Denver has a student-run newspaper, and that is a gift. There’s a group of college kids striving to meet deadlines, straddling their comfort zones, and willing to go above-and-beyond to produce a journalistic work of art each week—regardless of rain, snow, or shine.

Even when campus is closed due to inclement weather, the Sentry staff continues to do everything possible for a successful production. The amazing editorial staff has committed to releasing the most relevant and timely stories for the student body. They prove, each week, that the show must go on.

Tonight, I’ll bask in the glory of snow days. Tomorrow, thoughts of this newspaper and the wonderful humans who make it operational will soothe my anxiety and make for the sweetest of dreams.

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